I have just got Google Wave but don't have any contacts (Appart from the person who invited me) I can't figure out how to invite people eather so I was wondering if people would like to post there GMail addresses here I can add you so I can finally start talking 2 ppl =) Just have a DaniWeb Wave
My gmail is samarudge .-[at]-. gmail.com

If anyone posts here saying "Can you send me an invitation" I WILL add negative rep points. This is for people who have Wave, not who want it.

Well i don't have any idea about google wave. Would you like to give me the introduction of google wave so that i 'll be able to use it.

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I have it, you can add me if you wish, but most of what I write (70~80%) is in spanish.
my username is the same that in here.

Don't have a clue what it is. Perhaps try the evil msn?

wave it's like merging twitter with facebook and making it realtime.