Ok let me start with saying "Hi"!

Well other than being a mother of teens, im 38 years old and wait for it............... yeah trying to teach myself webdesign. I were 27 when i first switched on a computer, and yeah i was looking for the button at the screen.............. lol!!!!!!!!!!! From there the bug has bitten me. I :* :* :* my notebook. Im really not good at anything yet, so class me as a beginner please, for i have only touched html and css, but have really fallen in love with what php can do.. I know i have finally landed amongst the right minded group of ppl, and hope that u will have alot of patients with my stupid q's.

My goal:

To try and get some php / mySQL certification behind my name so that i can, yeah at this age, start a career in some sort of web / development. (love coding)

When Im away from my computer:

I have alot of compasion with ppl, but in the same breath have a very short temper with some things only, which by the way doesn't incl. cyberspace.

Oh and last but not least:

Hope to marries a "Geek" in my next live, so that we could code happily eva afta................

My recommendation if you want to get some certification join a part-time course. And read, Read, REad, REAd, and READ!!!!

oh and for web designing you'll need to know more than php/mysql. Start by setting up server and maintaining a website! Do some practical work

Nice intro! Welcome to Daniweb! Do post you problems in the web development section if you encounter any. :)