I was looking at some of the 'choke points' for maritime traffic and noticed that I can see all the tankers lining up to and from the Suez Canal in the Mediterranean - can't see any traffic to or from the Red Sea. Heck - can't see anything til The Gulf of Oman. (I discovered this site just in case you want to know what's up with your order from China). They have even turned off the webcams for both the Suez and Panama Canals. Those darned pirates.

Here is the ship traffic map that I was playing around with.

Wow, look at all the ships trying to get through the Gates of Hercules!
1100 ships trying to get through the English Channel.

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If you are looking for a security camera then use the below search term:

intitle:"Live View Axis"

Found a shop robbery on one of those cameras once and saw the footage again on TV lol.

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