Hi all, just came to give a quick introduction to myself. My names Nick, Im an SEO consultant in the UK and very much enjoy chatting away about optimisation tecniques and strategies etc. etc.
I work for different companies as well as have a few sites of my own. Im interested in learning more about advertisment optimisation at the moment and am always intregued by studies that involve focus groups, monitoring user patterns etc etc ( I have a background in market research lol)
So anyway, Im quite active in other forums and look forward to getting to know you all!



Hi, I'm Bruce, I'm 42 and i'm new to this forum lark!! i'm trying to improve my knowledge of pc's by doing little bits and bobs especially to keep the pennies down. I'm a truck driver by trade so this is an adventure realy

well fair enough Bruce, so what do you use pc's for? do you have your own website?

No I don't have my own website.
I use Pc 's for mainly home use a few letters and photo's etc and surfing the internet pretty basic really...... Bit of a Technophobe if you like

Hi everyone. I'm Jonas and I am new here. I hope I will learn something to you and share with you my knowledge with you.