My Name Is Susan And I Am Live In Alabama. I Am Originally From Florida, Tampa. I Am A Staff Accountant, And I Love Music, Anything Creative, And Am As Stupid As It Comes When Talking About Computers. After First Reading Some Posts I Was Confident I Would Not Be Humiliated After Leaving A Post Regarding Problems With My Pc. I Am So Grateful And Fortunate That I Found This Website. I Have Two Boys One 16, The Other 24! It Still Hurts To Say That! Just Kidding! I Like To Make People Laugh, It Is To Me The Most Beautiful Sound. I Have Saved This Site To My Favorites And Hopefully By Reading And Following Directions I Can Learn More About Computers And What Makes Them Tick, I Cant Stand Being Ignorant About Something I Should Have Some Knowledge Of! I Mean I Use A Pc I Should Know Something About Them, Other Then How To Turn It On. Pretty Boring I Know But Thanks For Any Help Given On My Post, And God Bless You All!

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Hiya susan,

There's one thing you're doing that's very, very wrong!

Using capitalisation for every word makes your comments very hard to read, and will cause many people to ignore what you say. Please only use capital letters where they are required.

After reading this post and checking the topic you've posted where you are asking for assistance, I found myself reaching for the headache tablets!

Cheers, and welcome to Daniweb!

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