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Naa, sorry. didn't like it. the questions were not fairly comaparical (didn't relate to one another properly), the site depends on popups (big risk, lots of crap is hidden in popup scripting). I prefer the Barrel 51 Calender. I will have to dog it out and add it to the list.

How about we make up out own questions and respond to those? that could be fun::

WIW (which is worse)

Get caught cheating-
by your partner
by your mother?


Yes i wondered why i wasnt seeing the results of my voting!! (Then i noticed my trash can (It said 15 :D (15 blocked popups))

What a dont understand is: I THINK MY BROWSER BLOCKS "UNSOLICITED" POPUPs and the ones coming from that page opening a new page on THIER SITE i dont think should be considered UNSOLICITED. (Your doing something on THIER SITE that causes NEW TABS to open ON THIER DOMAIN!! (In other words "SOLICITED"))

I dunno...

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