hi i'm jd
i hope to learn a lot about computing here
thanx in advance to everyone
gnoufi :p


Hey folks: New to the site here. I'm a lurker I guess. from California and a computer "user" for many yuears. Not a techie but I've got time on my hands and ned to knoow a few things now and then so I guess I'll be bugging you all witgh stupid quesions. Gene


Hey there forum lurkers - all you people who are browsing the site but still haven't taken a minute to sign up. I just thought it would be a nice idea to welcome you all to the forums. Why not drop us a line and say howdy here? Heck, you don't even need to register to reply to threads here in the Geek's Lounge forum! Go ahead, introduce yourself ;)

HowDo Folks,I'm 45 yrs old and I am deeply into Fs2002 and live in UK.
I have a gorgeous wife, a 20yr old son,an 18yr old daughter and 2 Jack Russell terrorists,er sorry,terriers.I'm a paint sprayer by trade and this helps
in my other hobbies of R/C anything and scale modelling. :cheesy:


I'm 48, I'm fairly new to computers and really new to Apples. I'm married, got a kid whose 13. I love my Mac! I have a g4 eMac. I do have a problem though. My wife sent a document from her PC to my Apple to print and eversince whenever I try to use Appleworks 6 I get a slow load, a spinning rainbow sphere then a black and white sphere then finally I can enter a command, like "new file" and the whole process begins anew. I can use the program but it goes on like that until I'm done. I usually have to do a "force quit" to get out of Appleworks. Any ideas?


Hey there guys. Dervish, please post your question in our Mac Software forum :) This is just an introduction thread, afterall ;)


Post count is now one. btw, awesome site. Expect a lot of questions and misspellings from me.


Hi, I am umm, ME. Thanks nice site. FYI I have complete knowledge and understanding about the following areas:


Just joined :)

I saw a couple of threads that dealt with the issue of promoting one's site. I am very happy with the pointers I've received so I decided to join.



Well i can honestly say this is the last place that i thought that i would find myself! As i have never really used a computer other the one at work, which is looked after by our IT guy!

My 5 year old son has finally won and i have purchased this computer for him, and a couple of months later, i am the one that uses it the most and spends more time on it than him!

I have had a hard time getting my head around a through things that can go wrong with a computer and this is what brought me here.

Its really good to know that there is someone out there that can help with your computer, i kind of feel a little bit more safe somehow! :-)

Anyway i no doubt will be asking many questions, and hope that the computer lasts till at least the end of the year!

Hope everyone had a great christmas.


Finally I get to say hello!!

I have been doing alot of reading and have seen alot of thing that have helped me get my website looking good.I must thamk all of you for that!!!

If you want to view it? take a look here

I still have a few problems with home portal,but I am sure a little more reading and I will get it right



Hi I'm Aimee, and new to the site. i'm waiting on my linux redhat cds to get here so i can install it onto my computer..so i'll be new to the os, and will be needing help i'm sure lol, which is why i'm here. anyway, uhh... i dont really know what else to add here. i'll just be browsing the site for now for shell script commands to get a head start lol. anyway..uhh...glad to be here and whatnot... :)


hello everybody! .. :cool:

amm .. Donno what to say .. am new here .. was searching in google for some codes! lol .. and thats how i got to this place .. =D

Info about me:

Female .. :o
21 years old .. :mrgreen:
Live in Dubai, UAE .. :cool:
My major is BIT (Business Info Tech) .. :mad:

Thats all for now .. Will try to get the code that i was looking for in google :confused: ..

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Hiya guys, I'm new here! I usually don't ask for help... I try to fix it and then make the problem worse and then give up and start fresh... but since both of my computers are now littered with issues, I think I need help. Well... My internet was all peachy... but then I ran an automatic update.... >:/ It was evil! I had to reset my computer and all, and when I booted it back up I had no internet! All my settings got reset or something.. and umm... I think I could fix it by telling my computer that I'm running an older version of windows... Atleast I hope so, but I still don't know how to do that... but if I live another day without mIRC I might die... Someone rescue me, Please :)


I am new myself. I found this site through a Google ad on another forum. I run my own forums and I followed the ad here, which was about how to run a community.

Anyways, I did not want to waste anyone money so I posted a script in the coldfusion area and a tutorial. I hope you find them useful.


So here I am ... a new member to this forum. I´m using the internet almost everyday - so I guess you can call me an internet-junky. In real-life I am everything BUT a computerperson. I don´t have anything to do with computers or administration work at my job. So I guess I´m not a professional or programmer like most others seem to be. Due to that I hope mistakes are tolerated....





Oh, shame on me ... and of course

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Everyone: My name is Bob and and I am retired from the Air Traffic Control business. I have repaired my computers in the past and have now joined a volunteer club who recycles old computers and donates them to schools and needy operators.
At times I need help on newer systems.


Helllooo everyone! I hope that you all had a great Holidays and New Year! Happy 2005 and welcome to DaniWeb :)


(oops, darn Newbies - I posted this in the wrong area the frist time.)

Greetings all,
This is my first night here and to tell you the truth I can't even remember what I clicked on to arrive here LOL

But I think it must have been the great fairy of fate that brought me here tonight and here's why.

I'm soon to open a rather large CMS site and you all know, life is nothing but long hours right now and waking up in the middle of the night to make another attempt to fix than darn script that was bugging out earlier.

The site is going to have a Forum of course, but I have been very nervous about how time I will be able to give the Forum, during the opening and hopefully as it grows it will just get busier from there

As a buffer, I not going to open all the Topics I have planned at once X<stop ramblin on>X

There I go ramblin on. Back to why I'm here. When I saw the Topic
Building a Community, I immediately had to read some threads.

I'm deeply impressed! The sharing of knowledge and sense of community here is outstanding!

I've read a lot of the threads in Building a Community and I'm off to read the other Posts under Building a Community.

But I just wanted say Hello and looking forward to being a member here



Hello Everyone,

This is my second visit. I'm interested in the Internet Marketng forum. I'm going to browse it now.

Cheers to another new year!


Hey there computer junkies. this really is addictive stuff.
Quick intro: Jason, 30yrs, sales rep in cosmetic medical industry, Sydney, Australia. Ive been an email novice for years using windows at home or at cyber cafes and have just discovered macs. what a revolution. a bit intimidating at first, but now not nearly as much time wasted with crashing or viruses, or whatever crap you may be used to putting up with.
I found daniweb after looking for some help to do with file transfering from PC to Mac. it was very helpful, with great advice. go gettem Daniwebbers.

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