I just want to introduce myself name is Jimmy I been here for a long while since I believe it first started correct me if I am wrong.

I am a 20 year old male born & rasied in South Central Los Angeles currently living in Los Angeles. I will have some links later on this week of pictures of all the contracting jobs I have done.

I own my own business FiberOps only have one employee & that is enough. Right now I import/Export goods like Motherboards etc etc.

I work at a place some people might think it is really cool but to me it is just work. A Phone Entertainment/Dating Services corp. & myself I wish I could talk more about it but I can not do that.

FAQ on Streets.

Are the Phone Actors/Actresses ugly & fat? No
What do they look like? Like average people
Do you listen to phone sex? Yes it is my job
What exactly do you do? I make sure blocks of 10,000's numbers dont go down.
How much do you get paid? Enough to afford a townhouse at age 20.

Simple easy we are done no more information will ever drop out of my mouth haha see you guys around have a good one.

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Wow, what a intresting line of work. But I would think after all the hours of listening to phonesex that your mind would be warped ,you know like alex in the movie clockwork orange.


Congrats Jimmy - you found work :) Is it a steady job? Seems like a strange job to me ;) LOL

Anyways, great to have you back man. TechTalk wasn't the same without you ... you were our second member to join!


Afterthoughts ...

is your job even legal ??? Confused what phonesex has to do with computers. Oh well!


Oh was I lol haha cool deal going to bed right now I will be on here in the morning. I will be back and ready to post. & yes very steady good pay everything is set and done with benefits and vacation pay everytime. See you guys soon thanks for having me back.


Hush hush is right I had to edit this page due to security reasons.



When a man talks dirty to a woman: sexually harassment.
When a woman talks dirty to a man: $8.99 a minute.


my name is shama.iam doing my eng secondyear in bits-goa.iam in computerscience.i like research oriented educations.i very happy to join in this IT discussion with u people.hope u will enjoy with my company.i know c,c++,little bit of ORACLE.
my id shamacse_88.


Hey everybody, nice to meet you. Even if this is pretty old thread...........

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