Hi everybody!
I am sorry if this not the right place for posting but I have to figure this out.
Suppose the following scenario:
Someone sends you a message on Facebook, a registered person, not eventually your friend. Obviously he is using false name and a fake photo. What are the chances I discover anything even though trivial about this person, I have many things in my mind : IP address(which may be a dynamic one so nothing interesting for me) or something else, any piece of small information would be of great value to me. It is not a joke so I am committed to discover what happened. If anyone comes out with any ideas please feel free to post them.

Thnx in advance

why not create a "fake" email and Facebook user account for such things?

I don't need to, because even this way I wouldn't discover anything. This person has created an account just to send me an sms. He has no interaction or friends. I need reliable information. Maybe not directly his identity but things like from where was the message sent, computer stuff but I do not have any idea

It depends on how good the "fake" message was created.
Basically each email should have an IP address from where it was sent. You can look on the "email header" about the origin (travel) of the email address. If it flow from EU (example) you would notice it on the point where it was resended (ips and names). But basically this is also just little help.
Anyway from it you can gain the knowledge from origin and using whois get the provider(owner) data. Send him an email, that someone send from this email an offensive material. Everything other is only using social enginering, because all other is quite easy to forge with google. Just in case first change the password to something that is hard to crack. Like x89v_xAew32 , because the person could be using this email to lure some social information for brute attack.

As suggested "techsheaven" create a fake facebook account like a girl/boy cca 18y and write back, that you need help or something similar. And with it play an offensive game with the sender.

I don't use and don't like Facebook, so with it directly I cannot help.

If I would "need" to do something like that , then I would install a clean windows on another harddrive. Do some basics changes ***** send the email with newly created email box.

SMS is sent by/from your provider. Fill some kind of form to report na offensive SMS and that it is very offensive /stalking to you. They should act.


If you are being stalked, don't hesitate to contact Facebook about it -- be safe! I guess I looked at the problem from a tech perspective and didn't see you as Male or Female. Any email headders would be stripped of by Facebook, so that's why I suggested using a fake account. The thought was to add the person as a "friend" and use social engineering to find out who he is. Now that I realize it could be a bad situation, please just block him! I'm concerned that you are thinking about playing a dangerous game.



PS Don't be a statistic. The closer you get to finding out how he is, the closer he can get to finding out who you are!

thank you for the tips :) I think I'll probably do as you suggested!