Hi everybody,

just a message introducing my work,

tell me wot u think about it, i really appreciate feedbacks as i m alone making sites... :cry:

I just made a website which purpose is to build a links exchange system for webmasters seeking for relevant linking.
With this website, you can deny link requests or accept them anytime. Also you can submit a request for a link exchange with any other websites registered on << url snipped to comply with forum policy >>.
And everything is FREE.

I gonna give u some other links later on,
thanks in advance

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Hello trafficman. Welcome to DaniWeb. Per the Community Introductions forum rules,

Also, this forum is to introduce yourself. It's not to introduce your website, your product, your service, or your puppy dog begging to be taken for a walk since you've been so addicted to DaniWeb you forgot all about him or her. :) Do not plug your website in this forum please.

Once you have made ten contribution posts, you can post in our Site Reviews forum :) Good luck with your site.

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