hello my name is Rob and I am interested in finding help for my new web site. Hello my name is Rob and i am new to this site..not even sure if i am posting this question in the right forum. But anyways, I need some computer pros help. i am in a band and i was in charge of creating our web site

Since there are 6 guys in the band eveyone has their own opinion about what they like and dont like about the site.

I really need some pros opinions about the site that I can share with the band and say..." look heres what the pros say about our site, lets listen to the pros"

we are growing very quickly as a band and the number of hits are increasing weekly..so we want it to be a great site but it was cheaper for me to make it ratheer than hire a pro..
Please help in any way you can.
Rob Furman

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I've already posted a review in the Geek's Lounge.

>> but it was cheaper for me to make it ratheer than hire a pro
Clearly you're looking at the wrong pros. ;) My own Dogtree Studios provides high quality design for pocket change. Compared to just about any other development firm, we're ridiculously underpriced. In reality, everyone charges something different. If you shop around you can find good designers for a reasonable cost. For a business web site, that's the way to go unless you consider yourself a hobbyist professional who can do the work just as well, but doesn't make a living from it.

In the end, it's a trade-off. Do you think a pro would do a better job? If not, is the time spent in developing your own site worth the monetary savings?


I have a project that requires the development and test of code that will run on a MAC Mini, running OS 10.x. This will be mostly in C and will involve interaction with other MAC programs, including iMovie. Experience with MAC application development and product testing is essential.

This is a Kiosk application involving user interaction with a customer survey application. In addition to standard keyboard, display, and audio I/O, high quality video and audio will be recorded. Pushbutton inputs will used, and touchscreen inputs may be required in the future. This will need to be a robust, industrial grade, application.

A prototype system has been developed. We want to hire a consultant that can take over the project from the original programmer/architect. The original programmer will continue to be involved as the overall architect of the system. The system may eventually morph to a UNIX platform or even Windows XP. We hope to stay with the MAC and UNIX for the remainder of the development.

Documentation of the software is essential in a form that can be assimilated by an experienced programmer in the future.

The consultant will need to sign a mutual confidentiality agreement as part of the initial interview process.

Please provide your experience to perform this type of job. We will need to interview the final candidates and provide additional information for this consulting job.



Thaks for the welcome!

Please suggest where I should post the job for a MAC programming wizard.


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