Hi there, my name is Alex Szopinski and I'm a 25 year old student at Ivy Tech Community College in NW Indiana.

I am currently going to school full time online for Computer Information Systems with my focus on Programming/Analysis. Hopefully I will be graduating in December 2010 with my AAS and will be able to find a job, or at least an internship, as a programmer. I am currently taking a 2nd year C++ class, and will be taking Java courses in the coming semesters.

I originally signed up for the forums here for some help with an assignment. I keep checking the forums for some problems I can help solve, but I am still fairly new at programming so I am more of a lurker now than anything. However, I do frequently check the C++ forums at least reading problems and solutions trying to learn all that I can.

While I am not programming, I am a machine operator at a plastics factory. I make the plastic that you see on the outside of the dishwasher packages made by Cascade. It's nothing I like doing, but it pays the bills and my tuition, so I'm sort of stuck there until I graduate.

I would like to thank you for letting me join your community, and I will do my best to contribute where I can!

he2x .. i'm in database programming world too since 1990. and still newbie. u can pm me if u got a problem in database programming. i'm using Delphi as my tools. familiar with clipper, dbase and C/C++ too.

best regard
irawan aka cepukom :)

thank you...
this is the problem need to be solve using turbo c its better to design it...hehe
According to Einstein's famous equation,the amount of energy E produced when an amount of mass m is completely converted to energy if given by the formula , E is equal to the product of mass and the square of c,where c is the speed light.

Write a program that will read in a mass in grams and output the amount of energy of energy produced when the mass is converted to energy.The speed of light is approximately 2.997925*10 to the tenth power cm/sec.
If the mass is iven in grams,then the formula yeilds the energy expressed in ergs.Use a constant declaration to name the speed of light.

pllllssss....can you help me how to do this?...ill wait for your reply...i was not good in analysis... plsss help me by explaining to me the output,input and everything about it sir...tnx so much!!!!
some figures i expressed it in words coz i cant type it by nos...
tnx so much again

Einstein's formula is E = m . c .c.
with E = Energy produced, m = mass, c = speed of light.
The problem here is this c.c will be a very big-big number (u count it in cm).
You must check your compiler, is your compiler floating point can reach this number? as far as i know, turbo c floating can point not reach this number. so, naturally turbo c can not solve this problem by design.

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sir is mass in gram was the input?.how about by doing it by flowcharting way sir?..tnank you once again...sir add me at you ym,delapaz_jade@yahoo.com

the value of speed can be expressed to float,it can be 2.997925E10cm/sec...