This might be too geeky but I'm a gadget guy. I usually browse through the tech forums but I've finally registered to join in on geek talk/lounge.

anyways, thought i'd show off my new toy - its an aaxa m1 pocket projector, not to be confused with a pocket protector. It is a small (handheld sized) projector with a bunch of onboard stuff like speakers, memory, player, etc. I've spent 300 bucks on it and all i do with it is play movies and shows on the go.

I was actually wondering where I could find the macguyver series (another thread) to download so that I could watch it on this. It doesn't come in with a built in DVD player but it has onboard memory and SD cards can be inputted. I figure I can dl the series and have it on the go for slow days/nights.

pics of me showing "the office" on my neighbors house and inside in the computer room:

This right here is a BATTERY POWERED projector, by th way. It is sitting on the battery pack I bought with it.

the rest of the specs and stuff are on the aaxa site

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I stumbled across this searching for gift ideas. Thanks!

For me...? You shouldn't have. :)

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