It seemed like everytime I had a question about the computer my google search led me here so I thought I would join up. :!:

sweet. And it just keeps getting better.

Hello BThree and welcome...

Thanks all for the hardy welcome. I'm still checking things out here. Looks like a real informative place for a newbie IT person. :cheesy:

I'm in a small office with a remote IT guru who has bequeathed upon me the keys to the server room. I have a Associates degree in IT and dapple with some website management and have been trying to help all in the office with computer problems as they happen. :rolleyes:

Hello BThree, welcome to Daniweb. You made a good choice to join :D.

Welcome to the best forum on the web!
Me 77056 you?

Welcome, hope you had a better boss than my former one (I had keys to the whole building and root level access to evertyhing >D)


My boss is okay. He's a busy guy and has been there a long time so I think I can learn alot here. We use Lotus Notes, which is a product I've not seen before so that is interesting.

I enjoy learning new things...I've changed careers in my later years and trying to get my BS in IT. They call me a non traditional student. :cool:

I get to play with all kinds of gadgets in this job. The bosses are gadget freaks. They buy them and give them to me to figure out for them. :cheesy: