hey guys,
alright, im new here, so bear with me... i found this site by accident while web browsing and decided to check it out. i've been into tech stuff for a while and so this site really appeals to me. Below you'll find some general info. about me- I'm glad to be here and I hope I can get to chatting with some of you! East coast all the way!!!!!! Sorry, I'm thinking the sugar is getting to me- no, I'm not usually like this... hehe. ;)

*ame (alias, not giving out real name): Lariel
*Age: 14
Loca: US, east coast, somewhere towards the north...
Tech Exp: Killed 20 viruses to date. First virus killed was a Gator- annoying little thing... Learning how to program PC's. Been interesting in tech. crap since I was this tall *points down toward knee*. Friends with fellow geeks- GO GEEKS! Etc. etc. etc...
Hobbies: Any sport you can throw at me, man hunt, hanging with friends, computers, writing, poetry (see my site at AllPoetry.com. My name on there is WhiteWolf91591. Check it!), sketching, painting, acting, singing, etc.etc.etc. Lol.
Problems: I get really annoyed when people act dumber than they are just for attention. I like to clean and hate really messy places. Changing rooms suck- I'm claustrophopic. I've got arachnaphobia, so sorry in advance to anyone who likes the creepy crawlies. Lol. etc.etc.etc.
Accomplishments: Been in math olympics 3 years. Been in spelling bee 2 years. Honor roll since the beginning of my school career (usually high honors). Citizenship award 4 times- yeah, because I'm such a nice person lol. Second place in 6th grade science fair, honorable mention in 7th grade (no fair in 8th, bummer). PUBLISHED WRITER!!! (you'll see my book, Center Stage, on shelves soon- look for it!) Other stuff too, but i'm tired.

Ok, that should let you know who I am, so I'm gunna go. I gotta clean my room and get ready for my last week of school- WOOHOO! Ok, bye.... :mrgreen:

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