Hello, new to the forums (obviously lol), been browsing a couple days now and seems like a nice community here. I currently have a graphics forum and am using Invisionfree which of the free forums I tried seemed the best, but I plan on moving to vB3 very soon. I did a search for...ah...something :?: lol and found this place, seems pretty good for getting some help and ideas from a real community. Heh, who knows, maybe I'll be able to help someone too lol. :o

Was looking at some rules/guidelines and I seen a coupe things on sigs, like 10 posts, but I was wondering what restriction you would have on like image size's, didn't seem to see that anywhere.

Well, hope to get toknow some of you soon.


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Hiya Hubba, and welcome.

If you're referring to image sizes in sigs, then I'm not surprised that you can't find any info. If you check the 'Edit signature' option in your user control Panel, you'll notice that no tool is provided for inserting images in your signature. that's because we don't have sig pics here at DaniWeb :D

For inclusion in topic posts, commonsense needs to prevail. Be mindful of the problems faced by those reading the topic via dial-up connections, and also refrain from including pics which are 'wider' than an average browser window would allow to be displayed without a horizontal scroll bar being needed.

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