I'm told it's good to introduce myself here, but there are strong warnings against mentioning this, that and the other thing in the Daniweb rules. So I'll just stick to the computer-related stuff.

I've been programming computers since 1980, starting with Pascal on a CMU minicomputer and going on to (keypunched!) Fortran at Pitt. Since then I've programmed in Snobol-4, Simula-67, Algol-60, COBOL, several dozen flavors of Basic, C, C++, Java, and HTML-CSS-Javascript.

Most of the programs I write are science or math oriented, though I have written some more general-purpose utilities. My favorite languages at the moment are Salford Fortran-95 for simulation and modeling, Just Basic for quick-and-dirty proof-of-concept programs, and Visual Basic 2008 for stuff I want to distribute. I love VB 2008 because it's so powerful and so versatile, and does so many things for you. The help system sucks, though, in my not-so-humble opinion.

Hi! Pleased to meet you and welcome to the community!