my fav is world of warcraft, but i play with pleasure age of empires, nfs , cod, moh, and the list can continue:D


here the most popular computer game is CS many peopleo like this because it is so exciting you can be a police or a terrorist

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Reach For The Stars V3.0 - the best 4X game ever made. Of course I have to run it in DOSBOX now. There's been nothing like it.

Second place for me is Trade Wars 2002, the best online game ever (the telnet version).


Although I have no love for the OS my favorite games are DOS freeware and shareware games especially Dune 2, Bio Menace, Xargon, Tryplane Turmoil, Flashback, PoP 4D, Sky roads and ... OK, I'll stop. :) Try them with DosBox if you find the time.

For modern platforms I love Ascii Sector. It is the best Ascii game I have ever seen. You very quickly overlook the lack of fancy graphics because of how polished the game is.

For completely non-retro games I like the 3-D Star Wraith Games.


I could go on but, I'll stop. :)


I may have missed it, but nobody mentioned Deus Ex? I lost a girlfriend over that game...
I'm glad to see lots of folks saying Daiblo II. When LOD came out, that game became my favourite for a solid year and a half. Honorable mentions for me include: Commander Keen, Test Drive 2 (1990ish), and Zork (1980ish).

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Diablo II rocks! :)

I like Strategy games and Racing games:

favorites are:
warcraft 3
NFS most wanted.


my favorite pc games are GTA 4 , Left 4 dead and prototype and prototype is my all time favorite pc game.

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most of the game i played was best...=)
the if wan a ranking list for wats the game i played from the most like and less like...
the 1st one would be the NFS series..=)
2nd goes to COD..=)
and go on..xD


My favorite game is PES 2011 and Fifa 2011. They are very cool. I can play them day by day, month by month and I never feel boring. Each year EA Sport and Konami give us 1 new version, that's great !

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