I was riding the 'crazies' bus north out of Seattle (the 358, people shoot at the drivers, a couple of the buses almost went off the Aurora Bridge); anyway, the bus was packed and I was sitting in the bendy seats of an articulate bus when I spotted the typical 'prohibited' stickers. You know, forbidden, rcw nnn.nnn.nn code stuff - you will be prosecuted and all that when I actually read the sticker and it read;
Gang Rape Strictly Prohibited. I could not believe it so I had to take a picture - sorry about the quality but the bus was crowded and no one was paying attention.

Of course it is fake, but

it is still just so wrong.

Thanks for finding that link - I was thinking it was the product of some on-line printer that also makes bumper stickers.

It's no doubt intended as a protest against the slew of semi-random bans and prohibitions people are faced with every day.
Freedoms are being eroded in the name of "security" and "health and safety regulations", and at long last (though it may be too late, the agencies involved may have grown too large and powerful to stop) people are starting to take notice.

Did you know that in the UK it's now mandatory for workers putting up traffic signs to have a license to use a stepladder for reaching up the extra 3ft or so needed to fix the bolts?
Someone decided that special training and an exam are needed to ensure people won't fall off a 2ft high stepladder and hurt themselves, that this was such a serious problem that their use should be banned for those not having that training.

Humanity (at least in many parts of Europe and north America) has now grown so risk-averse we're completely stupified and can no longer do much of anything.
People wonder why NASA has failed to produce another manned moon mission or a Space Shuttle replacement for 20 years now, and that's the reason.
Apollo/Saturn were simple and worked. But that came at a cost of there being a very real risk of accidents and mishaps that could cause people to get uncomfortable, injured, or killed. In the 1960s and early 70s that was accepted as a consequence of doing space exploration. Now everyone is so scared of possibly being sued if someone even gets bruised, they never dare to take a risk, to do anything at all.

And when governments get into the game, things get worse with seemingly random bans and decrees.
This sticker may be a fake in that it states something is banned that's clearly part of criminal law, but it's not as far fetched as you may think.
Next time you see a similar sticker but banning something that's totally ludicrous to ban it may not be a fake but the product of some bureaucrats perverted mind thinking up something that could possibly get someone sued if you got a bruise or scrape doing it.

There wouldn't be enough space inside any bus to post all the things that are prohibited. It would be much easier to post all the things that are allowed. :)

This, too, is just wrong! It is another of the 'camel's nose' intrusions of the state into the privacy of the individual. It does not surprise me that it is in Texas but where else is there another bit of your privacy being stolen?

The clerk on our floor keeps a tray of Jelly Bellys on the counter - I got one that tasted like buttered popcorn - that is just wrong (but then I got one that tasted like rotten egg -- that was wronger).

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Hehe i was trying to sound out what you typed there above :D (I came up with some possibilities)

F u cn rd ths u cnt spl wrth a dm!

easy read and i can spell but the people who text me can't