A drop of water at 2000 frames per second dances to infinity (er, at least for average amounts of infinity they get smaller and smaller)

That's really neat. My first thought is talk about a way to blow through your disk space!

at least for average amounts of infinity

Sure... :)

wonder how much stuff he broke learning to fly it? Later---

Did you notice - he netted the entire room - I bet he broke a lamp or 2 before he wised up.

yeah I noticed the net that's why I wondered how much stuff he damaged during flight training LOL. Later---

Man - this illusion took me a couple minutes to even realize what I wasn't seeing.

commented: Good one. +0

Cool thing for sure!! Thanks!

Now take a look at what happens when you blend spider silk and skin. Silk was often used as an under-liner beneath armor because projectiles like bullets did not pierce the silk, it pulled the silk into the wound - keeping it 'hygienic'.

Spider silk is one of the most durable materials in the world.

Yes - spider silk is being used for improved armor and in parachutes; it can be used in automobiles because it can be given 'memory' so that the energy of the accident will be taken up by the product and released as it resumes its original shape.

In Canada, some goats were modified to produce 'spider silk' in their milk. The spidergoats are the product of a company called BioSteel.