If you value ultimate sound quality, you will get much better sound from one of the new high-bandwidth digital audio formats: SACD or DVD-Audio.

I dont agree with this in the article. IF SOMEONE WANTS ULTIMATE SOUND QUALITY,THEY WILL TRY TO GET AN ANALOGUE COPY WHERE THE SOUND IS THE BEST!! (Analog is the purest form of sound)

Audiophiles are insane. Don't listen to them. They'll pay tens-of-thousands on equipment to achieve something they could have built with a bin full of rubbish. Of course, if they're the technical sort; then they'll have to spend twelve dollars a resistor on some sort of back-order of antique ones, all because they once read an obscure article on resistor noise and it said they had to only use this one type of resistor to solve their problem.

I love hearing things with great tone and clarity, but replacing all my copper wires with fancy NASA-grade shielded goldcore ones, isn't worth it.

There is a difference between high end and low end systems, but at some point you get diminishing returns.
So while there's a definite difference between $10 and $100 headphones, the difference between $100 and $100 headphones is a lot smaller.

If you want great sound quality, buy Bose products :)

If you want great sound quality, buy Bose products :)


Sony. I bought a midi system in 1993 and used it everday till I sold it on eBay last year. It was still absolutely fine and did tape (twin) CD and LP, as well as radio. I don't expect anything electrical I buy nowadays to last like that or give such reliable performance. Standards have dropped.