best breakfast meal for you what do you think,for me sandwich and milk with orange juice..how bout you?

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I like spam too, but not for breakfast. :)
spam spam spam spam spam spam egg chips and spam without the spam
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Well, it's certainly not spam ;)

hmm, could work I guess. Fried with hasbrowns and scrambled eggs on some toast?

Not every day, but once in a while.


Last night's pizza! Yummmmmm.

works for me cleans left overs out of fridg too. Later---


German bread with diffrent kind of cold cuts (salami,lioner and so on) topped with a slice of cucumber and scrambled egg on the side. + fresh orange juice.


I love Quaker Oats instant oatmeal with Silk soymilk. Occasionally I will go to Denny's restaurant and have pancakes.

I am always jealous of people who love oatmeal. I cannot eat it! :( I have tried to love it because it's healthy, blah blah, but never ever do.

I like Mcdonald's sausage mcmuffin :$

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Tastes a lot better without spam

I like a nice medium-rare steak for breakfast. This way I have enough nourishment to fight those dang signature spammers!

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