Hi everyone, I'm very interested in Computer Hardware and Software. After High school I want to become a Computer Repair Technician. But my only downfall is that i'm not very skilled in math. I love to troubleshoot and repair computer's around my city. A lot of people come to me because our Staples and Geek Squad guys are very "Tech un-savvy" (I don't know if other people feel the same way about those guys in other cities). I am very skilled at troubleshooting, and fixing almost any computer hardware problem, but I would like to become better at understanding more concepts of computer software. So if anybody has any advice for me, please inform me, because I am always willing to listen and learn.

advice? get a degree. two-year AAS degree in computer technology (or similar) from your local community college. not having any degree means you will perpetually have shitty jobs and low pay. a nominal tech degree will allow you to work some place they don't treat you like a serf.

just do what it takes to get through your math courses. plenty of tutors and help from instructors if you ask. it's really not that hard. you may even find a new appreciation for math once you get out of H.S.