Hello there. I'm currently studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University. I enjoy it at times, but I sometimes lack the motivation to study and don't fail but I tend to do pretty badly in exams. With any luck, my recent turn of faith (to studying, not religious wise) will help me get motivated enough to study and ace all my exams!

I found this site while scouring the internet for C++ help. I used to play alot of games on the internet when I was younger and found the forums that went with the game more enjoyable than the game itself! I do enjoy a good bit of banter, so I'm hoping here can live up to my expectations :D! Nah, just kidding but I do expect some witty banter to partake in hopefully.

So yeah, I'm more of a "lurker" than a poster but I'll try to post where I can and offer my limited expertise where its needed, not that I have alot haha!

welcome. hope you find what you need. go holler in the forum(s) of your choice, im sure you'll find a lot to keep busy with if you want it.