Hi this is irfan, and i live in marmaris/turkey..i am working in tech branch since 1999.working as comp. technical support. designing and programming web pages, also learning desktop programming nowadays..hope to see you around tech guys.

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welcome Irfan.

do you know that you have a famous name for open source graphics development.

pardon ? famous name ? sorry, i don't know actually i couldn't understand what you mean.


IrfanView is an extremely popular freeware image manipulation tool. (but not open source, my mistake)

i particularly love it because it has a really great command line interface and non-lossy JPG rotation. it's really good for calling in your own applications. if you do any image manipulation, especially in a batch mode, this is a must-have

anyhow, you have the same name as the developer. that is all. :)


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