i am clement.i am doing my final year U.G degee B.Tech Information Technology.since i have to do my project i am very confused about the title to choose. i choosed the linux environment for my project. but the choosing of my title is difficult. so please kindly help me in choosing the title for the project.the title should be an application oriented. please kindly help me.

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Hi clement, welcome to the site. :)

I want to move your post into the Linux section of our forums, because your question will get more exposure there. However, to help me get a better idea of which exact Linux forum best suits your question, can you please give us a better idea of the requirements for the project and/or any specific areas in which you might be interested in focussing?

After all, "application oriented" is a pretty broad description. :mrgreen:


Well, dragging up a four-year-old thread in the wrong forum is not the way to go about it.

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