Hello, my name is Matias (Mathew for english people) and I am 16 years old. And I am from Argentina !!!

I joined this Community because I know a lot of things that I can share here of simply respond...

I am a student from an idustrial school call Huergo (in San Telmo, Bs. As.). I am in 4ยบ degree (sorry if isn't degree or year, whatever) highschool, and I'm studying systems engineering.

I know about Web: HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, and a little of Java and Flash.

About Programming: VB.NET (2008 and 06 too).

About Images: Photoshop, Illustrator and for video: Sony Vegas, After Effects and Audition (audio) too.

I am learning Java for Symbian :) and Access (and VisualFox) for my skills and for know it :P

I can configure servers from Web to games...

I think that i am in the right place. I am greatful for join this community.

Bye !!!

P.S.: sorry for my english !!!

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