If you plan to attend Internet Week NY or will be in New York City on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 here are a couple of events you will want to attend.

First Event: "Dinner with Dani"
What? Well, like the title sez, here is your chance to attend a dinner with DaniWeb Founder & CEO, Dani Horowitz (aka cscgal). This is an 'invite only' event. About 100 lucky DaniWeb members will be selected and invited. To qualify and for a chance to win just fill in this very short form here .
When? Wednesday, June 9th @ 7PM
Where? The Lott @ 55 West 21st Street, a bar/restaurant near the Internet Week headquarters in Manhattan.

Second Event: "DaniWeb Internet Week After Party" What? FREE drinks for the first hour, music, social fun, plus other surprises. When? Wednesday, June 9th @ 10PM Where? Secret joint near Internet Week headquarters in Manhattan. Venue details coming soon, Stay tuned!

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Where? Shhh... It's a secret! It will take place at a bar/restaurant near the Internet Week headquarters in Manhattan.

That's just a few thousand miles away! :D

Anyway: Don't forget to post pics afterwards!

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I'm hoping to be there. It's only about 60ish miles from my house to Jersey City. I just hope I can get a parking spot in Journal Square on a weekday =\


That's just a few thousand miles away!

And on the other side of the globe with probably a days worth of flights to get there. I hope it is a great success because if I were in Manhattan then I would certainly join. Btw this is my post 2,222 on daniweb so happy post 2222 to cwarn23. Will be looking forward to seeing the photos.


Jealous! Lol but im thousands if miles away. If dani paid for the flight, however :) but i have exams :(


So, after weeks of looking forward to the dinner & the party, I'm no longer able to attend. I had my day planned out to leave work and head right to the city, then take a half day on Thursday to get some sleep, but I got scheduled into meetings all day Thursday, which I need to be present for. I'd still go, but I've already got enough trouble sleeping to make it home at 1-2AM and get up at 4:30 for work. Hope everyone has a great time!


It's a shame you won't be able to make it. On the plus side, I'll try and make sure your beer doesn't go to waste :)

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