I met Chris Kattan today at work, wal-mart that is. And wouldnt you know he stopped me to ask me if we had any SNL dvd's, but not so direct so he could try and hide his identity. We didnt have it, but I can officially say that I have met Chris Kattan. For those of you dont know he was on SNL, Corky Romano, and A Night at the Roxbury.

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That's kind of neat!

I've never been one to really get star-struck, but I always think it's neat to run into celebrities.

I live in Nashville, aka Music City USA, and it's not uncommon to run into "stars" here. I was in Kroger (a regional grocery chain) a few years back, and I bumped into Garth Brooks-- he was just standing there, wearing a tank top and a baseball cap. He was just like, "Oh, 'scuse me!", and I was like, "No problem... Hey! Aren't you...?" and he was like, "Yup."

I didn't ask for his autograph or anything-- we just both kind of nodded, and went about our business. I think it's cool that he makes all kinds of money, but he's still just a regular guy that goes to Kroger, without any fancy bodyguards, etc.


I don't think I've meet any movie stars before. I have meet plenty of big sports stars though. I once meet an ex Oakland Raider at my high school training his son. He showed me his super bowl rings, in which he had about 3, I think.(Didn't let me hold them)

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