:eek: Hi does anybody no how I can display a german language webpage in english. Does XP do it somehow or do I need sumthin fancy


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normally, when you do a search with google or the like and your computer is in English, the search engine will ask you if you want to translate a foreign language page...


Of course those translations are usually of a very poor quality and completely useless for technical stuff, humour, etc. etc.

Best thing is to learn the other language. German isn't that hard, especially reading it.
I've been speaking German reasonably well since about the age of 4, and I'm very bad at learning languages (in fact I didn't master English until I was 17).


I use the google german version, and normally it will say this at the side of a link that is not in german: [ Diese Seite ├╝bersetzen ] that means translate this site. I don't have the english version, but I'm guessing if you reach a site that's not in english it will give you the option of translating that site. But as Mr. Wenting said, those translations are VERY poor. If you've ever used a translation program(I think babelfish is one) then you know what he's talking about.

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