Hey, my name is Michael. I'm a 19 year old community college student, and I've been completely absorbed by the sheer awesomeness of the personal computer since I was four years old. My first computer of my own was this ancient Tandy 200 laptop that my Uncle found in a warehouse somewhere, and so I used to play around with BASIC. Coincidentally, my first REAL language was FreeBASIC, but at that time I was an amateur who didn't even know what an array was.

Now I'm into Python and C++, and I run ArchLinux. I'm also trying to write a networked 2D tile-based game engine in Python, but it's going kinda slow. My goal is to remake the cult-classic game Yume Nikki under my engine as a multiplayer experience, and display it as a valid alternative for the Yume Nikki fangame market, as opposed to the disgusting bloated RPGMaker 2000 engine that the original game was written in.

I'm rambling. Potato. Please be nice to me.

~Michael D. Reiley
Omega Software Development (Group?) - omegadev.org

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