hello, my name is les and i live in the extreme north east corner of oklahoma, u s.
i'mnot sure how i found daniweb,i was looking for a solution to problems i'm having with my laptop, and just kinda stumbled here. although this community does seem to have quite a bit of stuff for anyone interested in all things web based or not. i am not sure what i could bring here that would benifit anyone except a lot of quuestions.

.i'm not sure where to start or where to even make simple posts as i am very new to any type forum. i do not currently do any community forums like facebook or twitter.

i did figure out how to respond to private messages so if anyone would please like to help me get started i would greatly appreciate being steered into the right direction. thank you, les

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Hi Les, we are happy to help anyone. You don't have to bring anything to the party!
Now, what problem are you having with your laptop?


hey les, i jus got started myself. what kinda problems are you having? maybe i can help. send me a msg....i'll check back later...steve


Hello dear,

Welcome to this forum
please read forum rules before doing anything here.

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