Just wanted to pause a moment from my busy "computer life" to pass along my condolences to the families and loved ones of the Columbia crew:

Michael P. Anderson, Payload Commander
David M. Brown, Mission Specialist
Kalpana Chawla, Mission Specialist and first astronaut of Indian descent to reach space,
Laurel Clark, Mission Specialist
Rick D. Husband, Shuttle Commander
William C. McCool, Pilot
Ilan Ramonand, Mission Specialist and Israel's first astronaut to reach space

May God bless them, and Peace be with them for ever more, one and all.

I thank God that now where in my job description is listed the phrase "in harm's way," and yet, as just about every little kid can atest to, what if...

This has been a real shock to me. Just when it seems safe, this comes back to bite you.

It seems ironic that the first Israeli was on this flight. Being an American Jew, I am greatly saddened about this unfortunate outcome to Israels first space endeavor.

Yes, it was a tragedy. I was stunned when I first heard of it. I was watching the Fox News Channel during a segment on Iraq, and out of nowhere I heard the news.

I know presently a lot of people are hurt by this tragedy and are mourning (the media makes sure of this). They have every right to and I understand. However sometimes I get the feeling that that's all they think happens in this world. It's a big world and equally herrendous things happen on this planet. It's just a shame that the media doesn't cover it because it thinks it's not important enough to cover. I know it would not be practical to cover every little piece of news that goes on on this earth, but I think more people should be aware of this.

Just my ranting.