Hello there, my name is Agung from Indonesia.

I'm now 30 something old, but I started to like programming and coding just now.

I interested in Java, Python, etc. I was studying visual foxpro and vb (they're old programming languages, aren't they?) :?: but it was years ago, I barely can remember them well.

I join this forum to get much more enlightenment because I'm a newbie in programming.

Waiting for everyone's help .... thank you. :)

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Welcome to DaniWeb agongpor, hope you have a fulfilling experience here :)

I hope so too, thank you.


Hi Agung. My name is Paul. I am also just starting out in programming (Java). I am 53 years old, and you are worried about being to old???? Study hard. If you are good at whatever you do, you will prevail........


hi~ my name is stage.

welcome to here.

i am 20 years old. but you don't worry.

your experience is also old . this is very good.

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