mostly looking around for news and new things.
Being in touch with friends

What do you like on internet?
1. Reading new stuff, interesting blogs
2. Reading and posting on forums
3. Buying something
4. Selling something
5. Something else
Please share your views on this topic

I'd go for reading new stuff such as interesting topics. :) more specifically about entertainment news! ;)

I like looking at some of the incredible pictures on the internet. Many photographers have put their best pictures on the internet. Also I like to look at pictures of very attractive women. Also I saw Nadal playing tennis on TV. Then I saw on the internet Dr. Oz getting a colonoscopy. The 2 of them look similar like they could be brothers.

I like listen to some music or download some music on the internet

I also like watch movies or funny video on the internet like on the Youtube.

What do you like on internet?
1. Reading new stuff, interesting blogs
2. Reading and posting on forums
3. Buying something
4. Selling something
5. Something else
Please share your views on this topic

i love reading new articles about SEO and also like download hollywood movies, entertainment stuff.

The most interesting thingS on the I-net are forums!
You can find anything just by looking at the right place, so that's my favourite thing.

checkin' out new things,
readin' & postin'forums,
playin' games....

thanks for the internet

Some Computer forums, Yahoo Answers,and News. That's about it.

I also work on the Internet by making designs and websites for people.
That's a very good source to learn for the future, to get in mind what life is about; WORK! ;)

News, Wikipedia, and Wolfram Alpha. That's the only reason to be on the internet for me.

For me i love to purchase on the internet. Its my hobby to purchase new things on the web.

And here I am thinking that the only thing on the net was, oops sorry, rephrase, the net IS Daniweb. Such a big big world out there, i'm lost!:-O

Serious though, mostly coding stuff.

News, entertainment, games, movies and meet bunch of people on different races.

As now days the internet is useful element of life. There many thing s to like in internet i simply enjoy reading all stuff from blogs,it helped me to keep contact with my friends that live far away or gone for vacation.For completion of project i took the help on internet.It is very usful.

internet radios, free downloads and forums (can't do without forums, they make me work harder)

I like to participate in forums and blogs on the internet.

Since i am a huge sports fan so I will get all the news of latest happenings in the world of sports as well as learning some other great things in almost every field of life, because you can find almost anything on the internet regarding everything.

I like to read news and view funny pictures.

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making research for knowledge and to get acquainted with it.
Ma health, freebies and the internet.

I love facebook, youtube, twitter on these sites

I like checking out all the new web apps. I like playing with new software and their always seems to be new web apps coming out each week :-)

reading the new stuffs and interesting views.

Play online games
Chat friends with social networking sites

I like Google search engine on internet I think Google is my best friend

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I'm one of those that don't see the need to use, or even have, an account on Twitter of Facebook, and I still greatly manage to stay in touch with friends.

So what I'm doing on the Internet, I guess it's related to some amounts of gaming, learning programming, write and read on different subjects related to information technology.


Free access to (almost all) information - sports news, news, tutorials!
Freedom to express yourself via blogs
Reach out and coneecti with others (relatives, friends, loved ones) whom distance set apart from me.

I like to talk with good persons and have fun

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