This is a slang-story on a Vietnamese newspapers. The author ends up using Vietnamese slang and ... I wonder what you foreigners will think about, when you first see it ( I 'm a Vietnamese too ^^ ). Excuse me if this is impolite >"<
Let 's join the tale :

" Tale of The Watermelon Seller.

A few years after getting married I started to feel bored of rice. I felt hungry for pho noodle soup. But I found good pho noodle soup hard to find so I turned to buying baguettes on the street. Little did I know my wife was also growing bored and developing a taste for springrolls. One day I returned home to find a stranger in my house, a man with pepper hair and a jackfruit look.

“Would you like a bowl of rice congee?”, I asked.

“No thanks”, he answered with a face like ice. “Your rice is fine. If you insist I have congee I will insist you try my flying yam beans, they’re delicious.”

I started to cry.

“Hey don’t worry”, the man said, suddenly friendly. We walked out to the kitchen together.

“You still have first choice on the snails; I’m just gathering the shells to keep the place clean. Now wait, you’ve just been out to grab a baguette haven’t you? That’s no good, terribly unhygienic. Let me take you to a place with properly sanitized vegetables, much more nutritious, no risk of rambutans.”

“Sure thing” I said, feeling much better. “Thank you Vinamilk!” ( A brand of milk in Vietnam )

“Don’t tell my wife though (I had to add) she’s always rushing out to sell pear-melons. She sells to the whole village you know! I can have some chicken at the end of the alley, that’s fine, but sanitized vegetables are another story. If she knows there’ll be problems.”

Tell your wife you will tell the neighborhood about her eating springrolls with me, the man said, problem solved.

“If she sells pear melons, you go out and you sell watermelons.” "
Now ... would you like to share me your mind ^^ ?

Sorry. I just don't understand. Is this text computer generated?

:?: Is that supposed to be funny or offensive?

I don't know how it is Vietnam.

Maybe not ... ^^ a journalist wrote it . What do you think it focus on ? Share me your view ...

It was translated to English by the author ... Its topic is about adultery >"< ... "Rice" is the main food of Asian ... but when one say that he "get bore of rice", that mostly mean he get bore of ... his wife >"< ... and so on ...
Ah, also : "pepper hair" means "be at middleage" ( hair is back and white mixed ), "like a bowl of rice congee ?" mean "take care of your tooth, or it will be crashed by my fist", if you 're toothless, then you can 't chew, and the only food is rice congee ...
Hm ... about "sells pear melons", I think you 've heard about it, right ? ^^ It means "gossip" in English ... >"<
Well ... continue to kill some minutes with it ... Is there anyone else ... ? ^^ Now it 's 2:32 AM in Vietnam, so goodbye for some hours ...

Well I had a general idea you were talking about adultery, but some will think its funny some will take it offensively. Most notably the husband. I can't see anyone in this community getting offended by that.

Yeah, it 's really an adultery tale which written on a funny way ...
I 'm joyful to see that your thinking is quite similar to ours ^^ . I had a sense that no one would join this funny-adultery-tale on a foreign web site >"< ... but now ... ^^