Im Blue Shroom. I dont work with gadgets and motherboards as much as i would like to.
I do DIY for a living and make sheepskin boots SNIP
What makes me a geek? Well, i have only had a PC for 3 years and allready built 2 from scratch. OK not that special but its something seing as im still learning how to type on a key board.

I have great interests in electro magnetism, lazers, solar power and giroscopes. The question is how to combine them all. In my mind this is the future.

I found this site while looking for a way to remove data from a dropped hard drive onto a tiled floor. No luck. I even made a tenp white room enviroment to open the HD up. 500gigs of data down the drain along with all my 10 years of boot making pics. So sad but you know what they say about spilt milk!

Well hope to have some interesting chats on this site.

Hey Blue Shroom, nice to meet you :D