Well hello everybody! My name is Jacob, but I would rather be called Besai_lang or just Besai or Lang. I am a budding student of IT and am trying to build myself into a reputable tech.

My interests are reading, mostly fantasy/realistic/Science fictions, studying math and the sciences, playing some video games and trying to learn to program them :). Currently, I am juggling studying for the Comptia's certifications and learning to program, starting with C. I know some HTML/CSS, but I want to get C under my belt as I feel it is important for an IT to know a functional, high-level programming language. It is tough for me to learn C, but I am making headway with the book I purchased called "Schuam's Outline of Programming with C". It is really fun learning the C computer language.

Let's see... oh yeah I am from the USA as a 1st gen. American. I guess that pretty much sums it up. Thanks for reading about me and I hope to learn a great deal from the seasoned veterans of this board and to also help others along the way, if I can. Thanks and till next time...


Hello Besai, nice to meet you :D