Hi, It's time to see if I do this right. Thanks for the chance to join this community. I am not one to be here a lot exept to try to get some help and answers. I wish I was more knowlegable to contribute rather then just ask,but that's all I have. You all seem to have some fun being here and that's a good thing. Now, is this a place to ask questions or do I need to go to a specific forum? Looks like I'll need to find some time to look things over some more but wanted to say Hello :)

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Hi SunRunner- welcome!

Don't worry about being here to get answers to problems; that's why we're here- to here to help you get those answers. :)

In terms of your question regarding exactly where to post questions, that depends on the nature of the questions. This particular forum is just a place for new members to introduce themselves; we don't work work on problems here.

However, browse the rest of the forums to get a feel for the site and you should be able figure out which forum best fits any particular type of problem. If you ever have any questions about navigating the forums, using our forums features, or the like, feel free to contact one of the moderators or site administrators and we'll help you out.

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