Hello all. I am stumbled upon this site while Googling for some Python code. I have always wanted to be a programmer. I find computers amazing. I started using a computer when I was around twelve. My father’s boss gave me an old 286 DOS system. That was around 1992 I think. Anyways I picked up on it right away. I started learning all I could about computers. Long story short, I started college with the intentions of a computer science degree. Along the way I found out that I would have to take lots of math classes so I opted for a business degree. I have been out of college for five years.

As for the title of this post, I have always had the inner geek that has told me to get a CIS degree. I ignored it for way too long.

I find this message board great. I love reading over all the info.
Then I had some opportunities open up that allowed me to return to school for another degree. I quit my job and returned to school. I signed up for a CIS degree. Right now I am getting my feet wet with Python. So far I love it. See below for my basic info:

Name: John
Nickname: Bamahonky
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 210
Hair: Really short brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: Sweet Home Alabama
Age: 30
Work: College student and National Guard
Hobbies: Anything outdoors. I love to hunt, fish, hike, shooting my Glock, and anything fitness related.

Fav Music: This is a tough one. If I am lifting I am listing to Rob Zombie and anything heavy. If I am running I am listening to Lady Gaga, U2, Emenim, and anything with a fast beat. If I am relaxing around the house I am listening to country. I know I have problem. Try going into Best Buy and purchasing a Rob Zombie CD along with a George Strait CD and see the stares you get.

Relationship status: Divorced.

I consider myself a health nut. I maintain an active lifestyle.

If you would like to know anything else, please ask away.

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Welcome to the Forums, Never too late to do what you love.

shooting my Glock

For a second I was wondering what that was.

Yes I have a very similar problem with Music.

anyway welcome once again have a fun time in here.

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