With a title like that there are bound to be a few readers.And that is what forums are all about. In years past I had commented on several forums in various categories but always left for the same reasons: arrogance or abuse.
Not until last autumn did I run across and join 2 other forums that did not allow such verbal misbehaviour. After reading the Rules here and having been informally invited by another member I decided to sign on here.
Why I was invited you will have to judge for yourselves unless you already know who I am.
I am technically knowledgeable to a point and well versed with the Windows OS and have a lot of knowledge about Internet Marketing and basic static web page and blog design.I don't design themes since my css and php is only trial and error.I'd love to be able to do what a lot of other members here can do such as programming and running complicated programs.Unfortunately this old man is only self taught.

Whether I find time to spend here we will see .I do have my own blogs and product site to build and maintain and I enjoy being a moderator with a good reputation on another forum.
So don't expect fast and frequent answers especially since I never learned to type with all fingers.:)

Hi The5sisters, nice to meet you :D