I must say, this is one of the better looking forums i have seen in a long time. Very neatly organized and it seems pretty active.

Well, my pseudonym is Jinba Ittai, Japanese meaning "the horse and horse rider must be in perfect harmony..." I have a little computer experience. Fixed a few machines for some cash on the side but nothing to extraordinary. My wishes/goals or intentions of being here are to become more acquainted with computers. I want to learn to be able to read and write (not actually write) in computer language. Recently i started with a new blog tracking my where abouts of knowledge on these types of things. I am going to start with HTML and move on to CSS by next week so i can be able to create my own web pages.

This is an attempt to self educate, i believe i am going in the right direction, starting off with html and css. I want to understand a computer completely and then learn about the new latest and greatest technologies there is coming out these day. Feel free to contract me at any of these links if i am not online at Dani web to help guide me in the right direction. Thanks =]

Ello Jinba Ittai, nice to meet you :D