Hi all,

so how superstitious are you?
mind sharing them?

my superstitious beliefs are:

- when you cut your nails at night, it brings bad luck
- when you see a black cat it brings bad luck
- when you dream that you lost your teeth, someone in your family will die

I cut my nails any damn time I want to.
I own a black cat.
What you dream has nothing at all to do with the future.

I have the superstitious belief that superstitious people will slowly kill themselves off.

haha wat ever dude... but in our country we are very superstitious people, its our culture


1 a : a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation b : an irrational abject attitude of mind toward the supernatural, nature, or God resulting from superstition
2 : a notion maintained despite evidence to the contrary

I feel it is more likely that bad luck will follow a verbal mention of recent good luck. (knock on wood). I strongly believe that at least one bug will appear for the first time when management or the customer first sees the product.

1) I believe if a deal sounds too good, it is most likely a scam.
2) Full moon nights bring out the crazies.
3) There is no such thing as an honest politician.
4) When you die you lose your senses.

Superstitious beliefs will happen if you believe, it's all in your mind..

I can't say I'm REALLY superstitious, but I believe everyone has a guardian angel. Mine, (as conceited as this sounds), happens to be Lady Luck. There have been way too many times in life that I've gotten lucky without trying to change my situation. Just a lot of good fortune has come my way... Just no winning lottery ticket. Hahaha
But to that end, I do practice some stuff.. you know, avoid broken mirrors, making sure I pick up that black kitty before they completely cross my path and then send it the other way, and oh yeah..lol salt at the restaurant when my friends spills it. ;-)

My superstitious beliefs include the US government have a top secret Stargate program to travel distant worlds via a device called a "Stargate" made by the Ancients. Then they wrote a movie about it so no body would suspect it.
Another is if you stop dreaming of a night then your future isn't that bright. Then there is the more you cut your fingernails the shorter your fingers become.
At least that's what I think "superstitious" means.

I am so anti superstitious that it's close to superstitious :D
I always walk under ladders and usually take number 13, etc..

Although I don't believe in superstition at all, I sometimes follow them if there's nothing at risk. Like not facing the door when sleeping. If I can do it, why not? If I'm not comfortable with it, then I won't do it.

>Although I don't believe in superstition at all, I sometimes follow them if there's nothing at risk.
Then you do believe in them. Your statement is a complete contradiction.

And how many user names are needed to plug gift plants anyway?

Nah, I can be an unbeliever and still act as if I believe. I'm sure there are any number of folks who (go to church "religiously" on Sunday, to pick one) who are doing it for reasons other than belief. The guiding principle is cost versus benefit. If it costs zero, then even if the probability of benefit is very small, your expected rate of return is infinite, assuming that superstitions have at least a tiny positive correlation with reality. If the probable benefit is zero, your expected return is incalculable. If negative, you should have noticed the anti-correlation by now, and avoid following that particular superstition, since the (expected longer term) cost is in fact not zero.

If he is acting upon the superstitious belief when it's of no inconvenience to do so, he is still assigning significance to the superstition - which itself is an irrational attribution of cause and effect. If he did not believe there was any possibility of correlation, then there would be absolutely zero reason to adhere to it.

If you choose to view that in cost-benefit terms, such actions would fall into the small cost, zero benefit category.

Now, he can say he finds such superstitions unlikely and follows them when it's convenient, but in such a case one cannot claim to "not believe in superstition at all" - which is the statement that was made.

Well, let me take this just a little further from the original posting: If I believe that a superstition has no value, I can still be rationally uncertain of its actual worth, so to be perfectly rational, I should follow the guidance of my culture that certain behaviors have positive consequences ... as long as I don't have a good reason not to behave that way. The more a behavior is "superstitious" the less I'm willing to pay to behave that way. However if the cost is truly zero (face which way in bed), then I should rationally follow superstitious behavior on the (very very) off chance that it will have a non-negative pay off. See Pascal's Wager.

there no harm of you believe, and btw we have a superstition called "sukob" that sibling should not marry with in the same year or something horrible will happen

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It's a load of rubbish. Like those idiots that believe in crystals, homeopathy, fairies and various sons of Dog. No time for it at all. When I see or hear somebody following their silly little rituals, I want to scream at them, "Do you know how stupid you are?!"


We have a superstition called "tihsllub" that means you have to read words in quotes backwards.

Oddly enough - whenever I see a work that I do not understand, the first thing I do is check to see if it is a word spelled backwards - just to see

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GJ: Difference between superstition | habit | logic. Do you check coz you think the devil's on your left shoulder, or is it you trying to make sense of an unfamiliar word?

haha I just saw your screen name and picture: fallout 2! like it!

How unoo doin'? In Jamaica it is said that beliefs kill and they also cure. Superstitions are rife here but I have long ceased to believe them because they do not make any sense at all. Some people will go to a witch doctor after they dream and see green.One man nearly crashed in a mad rush to prevent a hearse from passing his vehicle going in the same direction- he felt that it was justifiable as he believed it was bad luck for a hearse to overtake him on the road. Man the superstitions are too numerous to mention all at once. Bad luck this, bad luck that...If a man wants to cling to his superstitions he is welcome to them.

@ardav are you religious? do you believe in god? coz you sound like you dont, religious people are superstitous in nature, that's what we are, if you think were stupid then fine, thats our culture.

@PCSAWICK829 haha yeah my avatar is Sulik, hes my favorite party-npc in fallout 2 :)

I believe in Murphy's Law, and most particularly in Muphry's law. This is clearly a superstition since there have been a few occasions in my life when something did not go wrong, including at least once when I managed to make an editorial comment that wa sspot on. And yet, it teaches me much of what I need to know as a programmer, indeed as an engineer of any kind.

GJ: Difference between superstition | habit | logic. Do you check coz you think the devil's on your left shoulder, or is it you trying to make sense of an unfamiliar word?

I check because people are lazy and rather than make up words or get really creative and it is a really simple thing to do:
regdor, rollads, evol, dog. There is a naturalness to words, in the way letters are combined and that sort of thing. For some reason, words spelt backwards, appear awkward to me

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@GJ - thought so - agree.

@VD - no, not religious, I'm evangelically atheist! I find religion abhorrent - tantamount to child abuse. You can therefore understand why I find religion's little brother, superstition absurd.


LOL, nice thread. Anyway, I believe If I eat an egg in the morning of an exam day, I'll get a big 0! But my mom's notorious for making me eat one every morning, so this never came true!!:D Still..............................;)

@snowbel hahaha that's a very funny superstition hahaha you make my day dude, a like it :D, but we don't have that hehe :) we also had a superstition that if you let someone walk over you wont grow anymore and if you drink 1st with someone older than you get a mustache hehe :)

@vaultdweller123 , thanks! We have other funny superstitions like, if you see a single cuckoo, the day is going to turn bad and, same with brooms!!!!;)

@snowbell hahaha just like our superstition when we see a black cat you will have a bad luck

I'm superstitious about some of the things. I have heard that if you put your shirt on backwards it means you are going to have a bad day. I make sure I put it one correctly.