I have heard that if you stop breathing you might die so I make sure to inhale after I exhale.

MOST superstitions are mathematical or historic. Walking under a ladder is maths, (if someone is up the ladder and clumsy - the chances of you being brained by a hammer falling on your head are improved) Life is a lottery - if you don't check before crossing the road you stand a better chance of getting hurt or killed. If you walk along the top of a cliff the chances of you falling are improved etc, etc

There's a hill in my country that if you make one complete run around it your sex changes to the opposite. People only go to look at the hill, no one dares make the run

Hi all,

so how superstitious are you?
mind sharing them?

my superstitious beliefs are:

- when you cut your nails at night, it brings bad luck
- when you see a black cat it brings bad luck
- when you dream that you lost your teeth, someone in your family will die

I am not superstitious at all. I don't know maybe because i'm secular and i don't believe anything mystical or superstitious until i actually see it happening or have some sort of proof. Think about it I don't think that meeting a black black in the street is going to alter all the atoms around it charge them with negative energy and direct them at you for something bad to happen :). lol

OK. I get it some believe and some don't but it is REAL to those who do. In Jamaica many people play a game called 'Drop Pan' which in former years was usually run by someone of Chinese descent. You put a certain amount of money on a particular number and pray that the "Drop Pan man" 'plays' it. If the number he plays is the number your money is on you are a winner. So many people look for 'rakes' which are really premonitions of what they think is going to play so everything has a number attached to it. So a dream, an incident which takes place(such as a fight) or an unusual sight( like a baby being born with 12 fingers) these are dissected and reduced to numbers. EVERYTHING can become a number so the gamblers buy different numbers with a hope that the 'rake' pays off. If they loose they say its the 'drop pan man' who has tricked them. Today the game is run electronically and balls with the numbers are put into a chamber and the one that gets sucked into a duct is the winning ball. This is done live with auditors and such in the TV studios. Even when technology is used those who lose will say the 'man' tricked them; those who win say they have caught the 'man'. They do it every day though.

Does this classify as superstition? : Every morning when I wake up, I roll onto my back, look at the centre of my chest, and if it's still going up and down I think "Well that's a nice start to the Day - things COULD be worse"

I'm not sure how superstitious this makes me, but I believe in demons and probably the "devil" (though not necessarily of the strict Christian interpretation) and that there are lots of things which happen which are beyond the powers of human comprehension. Generally I believe in the possibility of psychic, demonic, supernatural, and spiritual phenomena. I don't know that this makes me religious, per se... but I have a fascination for the occult and old pagan mythology.

Yeah, I'm probably nuts. At least I don't go to witch's covens and wicca sleepovers and black masses. I pretty much just read a lot, and have nightmares.

I used to be superstitious, but I heard it was bad luck, so I gave it up.

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Superstition is great for blaming bad luck on stuff. I thought that 'blame/victim society' was an American litigation-type thingy, but it's been with us for millennia.

If that black cat hadn't crossed my path this morning, I wouldn't have cut my finger on the can I was feeding him out of. Pah. So it is true.

@ardav like i said theres no harm if you believe those superstition... now the black cat thing did some demo to you ^_^

Hey, I have heard of people whose lives are so controlled by that stuff that if they dream and see green tonight, early in the ,morning they are gone to the witchdoctor or obeahman to 'look' to see if all is well with their lives. This costs money but they are willing to pay. These witchdoctors live big on superstition for these people spend huge sums to remove 'curses' that their 'enemy' has put on them. I prefer to stay away from such people and superstition.