There are 2 many images on the site, so I am not putting them, here's the link : SNIP

God, that's toooooo hilarious.

lol, i've seen them. They are really funny. :D

LOL okay i gotta admit that after a long stressful day with un-coOperating computers..that was FUNNY stuffs! lol, now I can start my weekend binge a little less stressed out hehehhehehehee

*bookmarks em all* (just for future stree relief) LOL

I just can't understand how people post such personal questions there.

HOhohohoh, i am going mad, heheheheh, seriously this is horrible.

well, I can kinda understand the younger folk. I remember being a kid and thinking I dont have anyone that I can really ask some stuff to. Cant talk to my friends cuz it will get around..or they will laugh at me..or worse yet, they will think I am different and I will be an outcast for the rest of my life LOL..and cant go to my parents cuz I will get into trouble, or they will rush me off to the closest loonie bin!

so the younger folk, I think do it cuz they figure: well, no one will ever know its me and maybe I might get a answer of some sort!

but the grown ups??!!??? that one just plain stumps me toooo!
you would THINK by now that grown ups may not have it all figured out, but are for sure getting a good grasp on things...LOL..or not..

Some of the questions were funny in their own right, but they also had a scary side to them. for instance the one woman that says something to the effect of finding men magazines in her sons room, and just SWEARS its a girlfriend that is bringing them into the house. I mean really! what scares me about this is that rather than having to look at the POSSIBILITY that her son is gay..or has gay tendencies..she would rather blame a girlfriend that she doesnt even know for sure he has! me this is just plain sad. it is something that we see so much of these days...denial of situations just cuz ya dont wanna believe em *sigh*

or the father that asks how come he comes on to the family computer when his son is doing homework and a site pops up.."www.bangbros"...LOL..and he really believes his son is doing homework?? thats a scary thought to me cuz it kinda leaves me with a thought of "how are you raising kids without the understanding of what the growth line is about?" do you not remember when you were a kid and all the "curiosity..testing..yadda yadda yadda that you did??? I mean really, lol..come on! hehheehheee