Hello again,

When is it appropiate to send personal messages or e-mails to someone? I posted a question in a forum and was answered but they needed some more info. I got an e-mail letting me know that person replyed to my question. I went to the link and read thier reply.I could see my original question; below that the responders reply. I hit the quick reply button on thier section.Of coarse my extended explanation of my problem is visable below as the reply to thier reply. Now I am confused: How does this kind person that I replied to know that I replied? Does he get my reply directly? Does he need to click on my original post to see my reply? I'm not sure that I didn't just reply to my own question. If your interested you can see just what I am refering to by going to the forum:


or click on forums, microsoft windows under techtalk, and then windows nt/2000/xp/2003. My post is one of the yellow smiley faces. I am sunrunner with the question: Windows xp dualbooting/how to? I don't want to send unwanted personal messages or e-mails.

Thanks for your indulgence.


Hi Sunrunner! your thread is at the right place ... the only thing you'll need here is patience ... once a person knowing about your problem sees the thread .. he'll answer your question ... just wait for a response n you'll have a solved problem.

Thanks Nanosani! That helps.