Name: Alexander Matthew Lesher
Nickname: Alexander T! / Lord Edge
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 217 pounds
Hair: Brownish-Blonde?
Eyes: Blue
Location: Indiana, USA
Age: 30
Hobbies: Reading, movies, bicycling, teas and coffees, music, kitty cats

Relationship Status: living with my domestic partner

Fav Music: Beatles, Anacrusis, Angel Hair, Brahms

Education: BS Neuroscience, MS Environmental Engineering

Work: Trade Adviser for Chinese-based company, doing my own thing.

Favorite Food: vegan, so anything

Favorite Movies: taste of cherry, come and see, return of the jedi, 8 1/2, santa, high and low, broadway danny rose

Favorite TV Shows: don't have tv... watch black adder and the office on netflix instant

Favorite Video Games: Mario Kart, Super C, Gradius, Zelda, I know nothing about video games of the past 20 years.

Stuff you Dislike: rudeness, arrogance, lack of a desire to learn

I am here because I originally started my undergraduate time working toward a BS in CS, but I couldn't hack C++, but now I am back 13 years (nearly) later to finally conquer it and teach myself. AS I continue to teach myself Mandarin.

Hi Alexander, nice to meet you :D