Happy independence day everybody! The day we won the battle against aliens invading area51. I'm celebrating it and yet I'm not even American. What did you do this independence day.

Going to a family cookout later. Watched a fireworks show last night.

Flying American flags in front of my home, having a cookout, then working at WalMart this evening until 10:00 p.m.

We are having a tribal gathering at a friend's home. He lives on a hill over-looking our Green Lake fireworks show. It is tribal because it is a group of (mostly) non-related friends who have connections going back to the early '70s and a group called The Society for Creative Anachronism (or something like that). There can be as many as 50 and as few as 12 people showing up.

We use to have 6 or 7 gatherings per year (I used to have the 'orphans' Thanksgiving' at my house) - we are down to the 4th and Xmas (the host is Jewish).