Hello there all, Just a quick hello and well why I joined here.

I am currently a qualified Social Worker based in Mnachester, play ice hockey in my spare time, am very competitive and I design bits and pieces using photoshop and 3ds max in my spare time and recently been learning code (C# and C++).

At this time I am looking to move from Social Work to an IT based career as a programmer or developer. However, I have looked at hundred's of courses and if honest Mickey Mouse setups that are interested in taking my MULA and providing me with a piece of paper worth nothing more than a pack of Andrex lol.

Anyways have joined this site to see what IT professionals would actually advise and take a further vested interest in moving into a career in IT.

Any advice would be accepted with open arms from people working in the industry already and basically I hope to become more informed.

Anyways Hello all and well off to make a brew then do a bit more research!!


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