Well, for what its worth, I missed you all. For those in the know Ive been down (read offline) for about 2 and a half years. The majority of my activity was on the late night irc. Im still not on a machine yet as Im only halfway home (pun intended) but I get a little access from a prepaid Smooth cell. Desperation. You know what I mean. Soon I will be back on the IRC when I get back to Austin TX. Im currently doing forex research and hopefully it wont take long for me to catch up with linux administration and software and web dev. Sadly I dont post a lot as it is, I mostly search the forums (lurker). Especially with this mobile phone that makes the css display difficult to read. Glad to be back.

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<-- less than a month here so don't know the history but glad to see ya here :)

Edit: Woot!! Post 400!!

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Thanks. Glad to see ya'll here too. If the up arrows worked on this phones browser I would select it. I read a lot of your posts Lusipher and Maceman on other threads. Active members indeed. Might I see either of you on the IRC when I get home?


I'm not much of an IRC person myself.

Between the hours I put in scanning the forums for questions I can answer and the hours I put into my job search and the hours I put into continued development on my website and the hours I put into trying to learn new development languages.....

IRC would be just a bit too much distraction :twisted:

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